In this world, there are some crazy-kings.
And when they're all together
They're just like kids
and they say:
- Look my new tanks.
- Look my new jets.
- Give me a bomb and I give you trucs for your soldiers.
- Give me guns and I give you a boat.

And those crazy-kings play a crazy game:
- They push back their sodiers.
- And when they are nomore
- They are replaced.

Those crazy-kings invents some weaks:
- A finance weak.
- An education weak.
- A defence weak.
- A weak for everything.
- Those weaks are ministers or governments.

And finally, when they're tired to play.
They name a fish-head.
They call it: << The Noble price of peace >>.
And they give him a big shining medal.
Just to give them a better view for shooting on it.

Those crazy-kings control some stupids.
<< Don't search those stupids, it's us. >>

But if those stupids would like
To hold theirs hands together.
They could dispose of those crazy-kings.

And walk free on this beautiful planet.

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